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Stepping Stones to Healing: DREAM BIG WITH GOD!

Part 5: How does God raise, restore and release us?

Hey Everyone!

If you’ve been following my emails over the past months, you’ll know we’ve been talking about five key stepping stones that God has used in my life to heal and transform me. For my final stepping stone I want to talk about one of my favorite topics: dreaming with God!


So much of our walk with the Lord is obeying Him and following His lead – and rightly so!

In addition, I want to propose that as we follow the Lord, He also wants us to learn how to dream with Him. Instead of only working for God, we work with Him.

True story: King David in the Bible had a dream to build God’s Temple. This was not God’s idea – it was David’s. At the temple’s dedication service, King Solomon shared that the temple originated in the heart of his father David.

God says in Psalm 37:4 that He will give us the desires of our hearts.

WHY DREAM? You were designed to dream.

Our God is a wild, passionate, bold dreamer and visionary! We were created in His image.

Dreaming also involves activating our God-given creativity and imagination. We need creative solutions and creative wisdom in our daily lives. Creativity involves the arts but is not limited to the arts.

God is the most creative being ever – just look at all the plants and animals! I repeat, you are created in His image, which means you are creative. Because you are His child, you also have access to God’s unlimited creativity!

“Creativity is not a mood. Creativity is not a gift. It is the very nature of God inside of you.” – Dan McCollam


You were created with great intention. What moves your heart deeply will most probably be part of your life’s mission and calling.

God wants us to be intentional in walking towards doing what we were designed to do. You were purposed to be a part of something that is meaningful and bigger than yourself.


Your dreams may just have the potential to impact the world and the lives around you in a big way! Picture the possibilities that can lie within a dream. An entire nation was changed because of Abraham Lincoln’s dream to become president. Every invention was dreamed up by an inventor!

“The world is waiting to see what picture your life paints of who He is.”

-Andy and Janine Mason

DREAM CULTURE: Imagine if we established a dream culture where we encouraged each other to be creative and dream BIG dreams that bring God glory. How would it feel to not only have someone believe in you and your dreams but also have others work alongside you to help those dreams come true? Such a culture would be heavenly!

God purposely planted dreams within you and He can resurrect dreams that you thought were long gone.



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