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Youth & Young Adult Events

We embrace our mandate to raise and equip youth with God’s truth and grace, through addressing difficult questions about identity, sexual purity and healthy relationships. In the midst of heartfelt worship, powerful messages, and prayer, youth experience God’s healing and affirmation in a tangible way. 

High School Student

“We all have ups and downs and before the EXPLICIT conference, I was in a rut and needed out. When they opened with worship, it was phenomenal, and it set the mood so we were all in a mood to learn more and to stay pure. Each guest speaker was great! The first night was amazing. I went home filled with the Holy Spirit. My personal favorite was the founder of Porn Scar. My favorite part was when they had us write on a small mirror, the rejecting thoughts about ourselves, Afterwards, we had to find a youth leader to wipe it clean. We then prayed on what God had said we were. I left EXPLICIT feeling rejuvenated and filled with the Holy Spirit.”


Parent & Leader Events

Is there really a role more powerful in a child's life than the role of a parent? We don't think so. That is why EXPLICIT Movement seeks to support and equip parents and youth leaders in communicating, dealing with issues, talking about discipline, working on strategies and tools to have tough conversations with your child. 


Many times our parent workshops and events happen at the same time we host a youth event. We also do stand alone events for parents. We bring in leaders and experts and we find that parents leave our events feeling more confident, inspired and qualified to help their kids.  These events can range based on the needs of your people. We would love to host an event with you or provide you the resources to host your own event! 


Our high-quality, high energy conferences and events, deal with some of the toughest topics in the church today with honesty, integrity and a biblical mindset.  

Thinking of hosting your own event?

If you're interested in hosting an Explicit Movement event in your church, school or area, please get in contact with us using the form below or email Michele at You can also request Michele Okimura as a keynote speaker on any Releasing Generations topic including healthy dating and sexuality, raising Kingdom Kids, dreaming big, stepping into Godly identity and releasing creativity.

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