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Heart to Heart Parent Conference
Connect Heart to Heart with Your Youth and Engage the Difficult Questions of Relationships, Purity, and Sexuality. 
Cost $35 (early bird)

High School Youth Conference
Real Talk, Real Truth on Sexuality, Identity, and Destiny
In Partnership with Onipa'a / Heritage Keepers
Cost $25 (early bird) - Lunch & Book Included

At Explicit Movement, we know many parents and church leaders struggle to talk with young people about sex. We're here to equip you with relevant, faith-based resources so you can have these conversations with confidence. We know when you are empowered, you will be able to help young people navigate and avoid damaging experiences and instead, guide them into healthy, thriving relationships in God’s timing and design.

We have a passion to see youth and young adults walk in sexual integrity and lead others to do the same.

Real Love.
Real Truth.

Who we are

Explicit is a Movement that empowers young people to live with sexual integrity as they discover their God-given identity. If you struggle to talk to youth and young adults about sex, you're not alone. Our goal is to equip parents and leaders like you with relevant, faith-based resources to have these conversations with confidence, leading the way for young people to thrive in healthy relationships.

What we do


We travel around the world, hosting conferences and workshops at different churches and venues. We talk to teens, young adults, parents, and leaders about a wide-range of topics such as: God's design for sex, gender roles, porn addiction, and how to talk to young people about sex and sexuality.  Book today as our calendar is filling up!



Online Courses

We have all kinds of resources for pastors, parents, young adults, teens and educators to equip you to talk about the hard stuff. After taking our courses, you will have the tools you need to talk to your teens and help them through those pivotal years into adulthood.  


Our store is full of books and resources that will assist you in discovering what God says about sex and relationships. As you journey through the pages, you will be compelled to walk in sexual integrity and begin to understand fully who God says you are. 

Courses and Content

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