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Engage Your Creativity

To release extraordinary solutions.

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Don't think you are creative?
Think again.

  • Some people think creativity lives only in the arts.

  • Some live disconnected from the power of their creative Spirit.

  • Most overlook the impact they could have on the world.

  • Limiting your creativity means limiting your possibilities.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can ReThink Creativity.

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What creativity is God inspiring in you?


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We get it- recognizing our creativity can be a struggle.

Creativity comes in many forms, well-beyond fine arts and performing arts.

Our creativity reflects the image of Creator God. When we ignite the creative spirit within us, we are called to His purpose of living in His identity and becoming like Him.  

We are living out our full destiny as children of God- as creatives.

That's why we created the
ReThink Creativity Conference.

To help God’s people awaken to their creativity so we can generate innovative ideas and extraordinary solutions that impact the world. 

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“When you’re in God’s creative power, mere ideas become miracles.”

Michele Okimura

Executive Director of Explicit Movement

Founder of ReThink Creativity

Image by Nick Wessaert

Here is what a few of our speakers are saying 


Dr. Gershom Sikaala

Leadership Mentor

“God’s abundant creativity is within you to be that world changer – to fulfill what Jesus has started. You just need to tap into what He’s already provided through your vital connection 

with Him.”

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Tony Kim

Renaissance International

Creativity flows from a person's life when connected to the Spirit of God, where the ways of God are revealed and applied to every sphere of society that produces the fruit of transformation. Therefore, creativity is revealed through the wisdom of God as we sit before the face of God”


Dr. Darlene A. Mayo

MD Neurosurgeon & Neuroscientist 

"When we ask God for something, that is utilizing the creative capacity in

our brain..."

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