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GOD PURSUES YOU. YOU HAVE A PAST, HE GIVES YOU A FUTURE. COME. DANCE WITH HIM. Take a journey into the heart of God. Encounter the One who joys over you with singing.


"Michele Okimura has touched a topic that is discussed very little. She invites the reader to share her tragedy and triumph by capturing that experience in Dancing with Father. This poem can be an instrument to bridge the gap in the healing process for others who have had a difficult journey through their youth." - Gary and Norma Smalley President and Founder, Smalley Relationship Center


"When I read Dancing with the Father my heart was deeply touched. I know this deeply artistic, poetic work will touch many deeply." - Patricia King, President and Founder of Extreme Prophetic Ministries


"I cannot wait to see Michele's piece reach a larger audience so that it will be able to do the work God envisioned for it. Just as David wrote his Psalms, so has Michele found a voice for deeper longings of God. This is truly a soul's cry that rings victorious. And in that self-same shout of victory is the invitation to come and share in the glorious dance. I believe Michele has found a voice for so many. My utmost prayer is that these precious souls may find that voice." - Dr. Wayne Cordeiro Chancellor, New Hope Christian College Chancellor, Pacific Rim Bible College, Founding Pastor, New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii

Dancing With Father - Paperback

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