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Statistics show that upwards of 70% of children and youth who grow up in church leave the Christian faith in their young adulthood.

Although we can hope to pass on a set of values and beliefs to live by, we cannot give our children personal encounters with Jesus. 


You are positioned in a key role to influence your child’s heart and mind! Come to the next Kingdom Kids workshop to learn how to create places and spaces for our young people to thrive in a real relationship with the Lord, know their identity, and minister alongside adults. 


  • Parents and spiritual parents

  • Senior pastors

  • Youth and children ministry pastors and leaders

  • Christian educators

Contact Michele to schedule a tailored workshop for your needs!

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In this Workshop, Michele Okimura will share effective ways to:

  • Create 'Kingdom Culture' in your home and church that fosters spiritual growth in your children and youth.

  • Disciple younger saints to walk in an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as they learn to recognize His voice and follow His lead!

  • Equip and release children and youth to powerfully minister alongside adults! Children and youth are called to walk intergenerationally alongside adults to bring God's light and love to the world as functioning members of the Body of Christ 

Who is living in your home? It just might be a world changer.