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Youth Events

We embrace our mandate to raise and equip youth with God’s truth and grace, through addressing difficult questions about identity, sexual purity and healthy relationships. In the midst of heartfelt worship, powerful messages, and prayer, youth experience God’s healing and affirmation in a tangible way. We speak truth into the heart of youth.

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Parent Events

There is no greater responsibility on earth than the responsibility of being a parent. We embrace the hard and help parents understand and relate to their teenagers. We provide practical, relevant tools to equip parents to raise children of character and impact!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Young Adult Events

We seek to inspire vision, impart truth and grace, and equip young adults with practical tools to navigate through friendships and dating relationships in preparation for marriage. In the midst of heartfelt worship, powerful messages and prayer, young adults experience God’s healing, restoration, and encouragement.

Image by Bastien Plu

Leadership Events

We honor the incredibly powerful role that youth pastors and leaders have in impacting the rising generation. EXPLICIT Movement seeks to support and equip youth leaders in the weighty task of discipling young people. We hold equipping events throughout the year specifically to connect, serve and support youth pastors and leaders.

Our high-quality, high energy conferences and events, deal with some of the toughest topics in the church today with honesty, integrity and a biblical mindset.  

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Explicit Signature Events

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