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Not a moment, but a movement.

Who we are

Explicit is a Movement that empowers young people to live with sexual integrity as they discover their God-given identity. If you struggle to talk to youth and young adults about sex, you're not alone. Our goal is to equip parents and leaders like you with relevant, faith-based resources to have these conversations with confidence, leading the way for young people to thrive in healthy relationships.

What we do

Online Courses

We have all kinds of resources for pastors, parents, young adults, teens and educators to equip you to talk about the hard stuff. After taking our courses, you will have the tools you need to talk to your teens and help them through those pivotal years into adulthood.  


We travel around the world, hosting conferences and workshops at different churches and venues. We talk to teens, young adults, parents, and leaders about a wide-range of topics such as: God's design for sex, gender roles, porn addiction, and how to talk to young people about sex and sexuality.  Book today as our calendar is filling up!



Our store is full of books and resources that will assist you in discovering what God says about sex and relationships. As you journey through the pages, you will be compelled to walk in sexual integrity and begin to understand fully who God says you are. 

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We believe in the power of a tough

As parents and leaders, we want our kids to have a healthy, biblical view of sex and relationships. We want to be able to talk candidly and confidently about the issues that have such a deep impact on their lives. We also know that, as Christians, we have access to God's wisdom and truth. Of all people, we should be good at this!

The problem: we were not properly prepared.

The shame and awkwardness surrounding these subjects can be paralyzing - both at church and in our homes. We don't know what to say or how to say it, and we're left stressed out about our kids’ futures, feeling like we're letting them down when the stakes couldn't be higher.
At Explicit, we get it. We’re parents and leaders ourselves and we know firsthand how tough this is. Plus, we’ve personally lived through sexual abuse, porn addiction, broken relationships, and the consequences of our wrong choices. We’ve been there. 

However, we've also seen the transformation that is possible when we address sex the right way. We have decades of combined experience working with parents, pastors, young adults and teens. Through our partnerships with licensed therapists, educators, psychologists, and pastors, we’ve witnessed hundreds of testimonies of transformation in the lives of young people in Hawaii and across the world. That's why we're so passionate about providing you with the roadmap you need to prepare your kids to thrive.


Image by Joshua Tsu

High School Student

“My name is Leeza and I attend Waianae High School. I’m also involved in the Waianae Christian Club and it (EXPLICIT Conference) is the most life changing experience that I ever had. Thank you so much for supporting our ohana.”

Image by Kitera Dent

High School Student

"The entire experience not only was an answer to prayer, an encounter like no other but a confirmation of what God had been speaking to me. I kept thinking how much I would have loved that my children and grandchildren could be in attendance. In the time of prayer…the students, pastors, the parents, the entire room was being made new. Since that night, the testimony of Pastor Kainoa and the prayers spoken and those which we were led through had in the Spirit reached the homes of my family and there is healing going on and reconciliation that occurred as a suddenly! It is truly a revival of a different sort but I know it has been established and it will only continue as we continue to pray and allow God to use us to let Him blow our minds beyond what we could imagine!”

Image by Joshua Tsu

High School Student

“We all have ups and downs and before the EXPLICIT conference, I was in a rut and needed out. When they opened with worship, it was phenomenal, and it set the mood so we were all in a mood to learn more and to stay pure. Each guest speaker was great! The first night was amazing. I went home filled with the Holy Spirit. My personal favorite was the founder of Porn Scar. My favorite part was when they had us write on a small mirror, the rejecting thoughts about ourselves, Afterwards, we had to find a youth leader to wipe it clean. We then prayed on what God had said we were. I left EXPLICIT feeling rejuvenated and filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Image by Brad Neathery

Youth Pastor

“One youth who had been feeling like the “benefit” in the #friendswithbenefits felt such empowerment when Marion spoke over our girls and told them that they were the Daughter of the King of Kings and should never settle for anything less.  The blessing touched her heart so much she couldn’t stop crying when she realized she didn’t have to be anyone’s “benefit.” Having attended this conference, I believe all youth and their pastors/leaders would benefit so much from attending.  It gave real examples, life testimonies and scientific proof that Satan continues to try and “hijack” how our youth view sex and relationships, but God has a much better plan.  This conference healed many, set many free and definitely taught us a whole lot that we will continue to talk about with our youth.”

Image by Vadim Paripa

Parent of Teen

Tiara’s mom: “When Tiara came home from the conference, she excitedly shared with me many things she learned for 30 minutes straight! Tiara has a number of friends in relationships. When she went to school that following week, she approached her friends and shared with them, “Let me tell you a story about what God really wants in relationships!” She was encouraging to them, but also sharing truth. It has now been about 9 months since the conference and even recently, Tiara still talks about what she learned from the conference to her friends!”

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